Why on earth

#1 | Why on earth do we keep designing new stuff

Episode Summary

A year of change and uncertainty calls question to our purpose. In the first episode of “Why on Earth” Dirk Wynants shares the reasons he’s committed to his “Why” and how the future of togetherness is bright.

Episode Notes

When Can we Be Together Again?

As we wind down this turbulent year, we pause in the midst of change and uncertainty to question our ‘why.’ Dirk Wynants shares how he’s sticking to his purpose when a changing society stands to question it. This is a story of why unity and good design are timeless.

The Year We Questioned Everything

After a year apart, we question our purpose. When will we come together again? What does the future of a brand making so-called “tools for togetherness” look like in the midst of a global pandemic. Dirk Wynants says, “bright".

The Great Pause: A Reflection on Purpose 

Viktor Frankl once said “Between stimulus and response, there is space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies growth”. Never in recent history have we had such an opportunity to pause and question our purpose. In the first episode of “Why on Earth” we explore Dirk Wynants’ story of finding his ‘why’ and sticking to it, even when the world stands to question it. 

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